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Turkey has a lot of great destinations to offer. Exceptional landmarks, wonderful natural sceneries, historical legacies and a rich culture.

Southeastern Anatolia

If you want to escape the sun-sea-sand holiday makers and experience Turkey’s more traditional side, then this is the region for you. A crossroads of civilizations in biblical times. The Syriac monasteries in Mardin and Midyat still chant in Aramaic. The summers are long and dry. As the region is perfect for agriculture, you won’t be surprised that the best kebabs and vegetables are part of everyday life as you feast on the local cuisine.


Predating Stonehenge by 6000 years, Şanlıurfa’s Göbeklitepe upends the widely-held views on the rise of civilization.


With an architectural heritage that bedecks the steep slopes with elegantly built golden houses, Mardin guides you to a rich cultural and religious diversity unfolded in every corner.


Charming visitors with the glittering Gypsy Girl mosaic, Gaziantep takes you on a delicious journey full of local delicacies.


Steeped in history dating back to traces of countless human habitations, Diyarbakır is still a vibrant city with breathtaking cultural landscapes on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.


Batman, a museum-like city, is home to the ancient Hasankeyf, a priceless iconic treasure on the Tigris River.


Mount Nemrut of Adıyaman is fabulous both at sunrise and sunset, with statues of ancient gods whispering into your ear to wow you.

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