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Turkey has a lot of great destinations to offer. Exceptional landmarks, wonderful natural sceneries, historical legacies and a rich culture.

Black Sea Region

Tea, hazelnuts, cherry orchards and fresh sardines is what the region is known for. A chilly sea to the north and lush green mountain slopes to the south. A favourite area for avid cyclists and adventure seekers. Lined with seaside towns and mostly undeveloped beaches. This region is perfect for those who want to enjoy stunning back-drops in small sleepy fishing villages.


An inspiration for world-renowned travellers like Xenophon, and Evliya Çelebi who immortalized Trabzon in his travel book.


The northernmost tip of Turkey welcomes you to the homeland of the famous philosopher, Diogenes the Cynic.


The commercial port of Turkey’s Black Sea is the city where the winds of the Amazon Warriors once blew.


Reward yourself and experience the best tea ever in its homeland, Rize!


As one of the main producer of hazelnut crops of Turkey, Ordu invites you to a beautiful landscape amid the pleasant sea breezes


Enjoy the magnificent atmosphere of Kastamonu that inspires believers, skiers and ecologists!


Step back in time inside the lovely old world style traditional homes of the charming city of Safranbolu which are unique in Turkey for their outstanding design and construction.


Renowned for its rich cuisine and enchanting copper works, Giresun is the city to have spread succulent cherries around the world.


Once the capital of the Hittite civilisation, one of the greatest civilisations the world has ever seen, Çorum holds a special place in history sharing that heritage with visitors from many nations today.


Bolu is a lovely city between Ankara and Istanbul with lofty mountains, thick forests, lakes and streams.


Parthenios of ancient times, Bartın impresses visitors with its timbered houses that reflect a different artistic taste.


A charming city with a mild climate that enchants the visitors and portrays countless shades of green.


Lying close to the mountains that overlook the sea, Amasya is well known for not only its juicy apples but also its history that dates back to antiquity.

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