5 Most Popular Fish in Turkish Cuisine
5 Most Popular Fish in Turkish Cuisine

From soups, salads and kebabs to desserts. Turkey is the right place to try some exquisite flavours. When you think about Turkish cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t usually fish. However, fish plays a very important role in Turkish cuisine, going back deep into history. The world’s best fish can be savoured in Turkey, of course it all depends on the season, as this plays a major role. Surrounded by the sea on three fronts, Turkey’s delicious selection of fish is a must-try for all fish lovers! Here are the 5 most popular fish in Turkish Cuisine.

Fresh Anchovies

5 Most Popular Fish in Turkish Cuisine

Fresh Anchovies, whose name is associated with the Black Sea, is one of the most popular and tasty fish species in Turkish Cuisine. This famous inhabitant of the Black Sea, whose name means “long and pointed fish”, is presented in a dozen different ways. Whether they are steamed, grilled or even served in a rice dish, each one is as delicious as the next. The best time to try these delightful creatures is in the months of November through February.

Sea Bass

5 Most Popular Fish in Turkish Cuisine

Sea bass is one of the most delicious types of fish you can taste fresh in the hot summer months. This large scaled fish is a native in the South Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. They are divided into 12 species and are known for their low-fat meat and delightful flavour. In Turkish cuisine this fish is either grilled, steamed or baked in salt. The best time to eat sea bass is from May to the end of September.

Sea Bream

5 Most Popular Fish in Turkish Cuisine

In Turkey, Sea bream is usually caught off the coast of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. Due to the weight of the fish, it is one of the most filling options in Turkish cuisine. With only a few thin bones, this firm fish is very tasty. Generally grilled but can also be made into a soup and is very popular with diners. While on holiday on the Mediterranean coast, you’ll come across many local fishermen.


5 Most Popular Fish in Turkish Cuisine

The bluefish, which is famous for its teeth that are sharp enough to tear through the fishing line, is also known as the "queen of the seas". The best way to eat bluefish is to have it grilled. Depending on the size, it is also very tasty in a stew, steamed, stir-fried or baked in parchment paper. Each dish just as irresistible as the next can be experienced all over the country, especially in Istanbul.

Red Mullet

5 Most Popular Fish in Turkish Cuisine

The Red Mullet can be easily distinguished from other fish, as it has an unmistakable red and yellow fin. These deep-sea fish are usually found in the Aegean and the Mediterranean Seas. They can grow up to 40 cm in length. There are 4 types of red mullet, rock, sand, herbed and pasha. October is by far the best time to eat this scrumptious oily fish. In Turkish cuisine, it’s grilled, baked in parchment paper or fried.

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